Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why You Should Wear Hunters Orange

Hunters Orange Is very important when hunting. It shows other hunters that you are not an animal and to not shoot you. I believe hunters orange is very important for Dove, pheasants, quails, and turkeys. Turkey hunters are more prone to shoot first before actually knowing what it is. If you wear camo and move around another hunter might mistake you for a turkey and then proceed to shoot you. It has happened many times. If you wear hunters orange, even a vest, then you will stand out just enough so another hunter wont 't mistake you for a turkey. I myself only hunt Black tail deer and do not wear hunters orange. I feel that it is not important to wear hunters orange when hunting deer. Most of the time you are a significant distance away from the deer so most of the time you are not in immediate danger from other hunters.


  1. I had never thought of that before but I guess that happens more than we think. I don't think I'll ever hunt but that's a very good advice for anyone that would like to start hunting and stay alive!

  2. Usually when your hunting the orange isn't neccesarally needed, only a little will help you stand out from other objects in the wilderness. Mixed with the dark greens, and browns of mother nature, very little hunters orange is needed, you'd normally where camo to make sure you aren't seen, but since deer are color blind, it wouldn't matter much.